Gwen, you clearly convey a peaceful, loving energy that can aid anyone in their efforts toward improving physical, spiritual, emotional balance!!  Thank you!

Robin, Lexington, KY

Thanks again Gwen… I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  (I should have started the products ages ago!)

Deb, North Carolina
Gwen has helped me turn my health completely around!!! Thank you Gwen
Barbara, Lexington, KY

Gwen is knowledgeable and professional. She has been very effective in treating my migraines.

C.D., Lexington, KY

In January, I was experiencing some health issues that caused me to ultimately have to have an hysterectomy.  I am someone who dislikes needles and other than child birth, I’d never had a major surgery.  Once i decided to go ahead and have the surgery, I realized there were several health concerns I needed to address in my life. 

 I spent some time before and after the surgery with Gwen Jones at Take A New Approach Wellness Center… and I have to say it has been extremely beneficial to both my body and mind.

After the surgery, I was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains and my doctor wasn’t able to pinpoint what the cause was.  He ordered me to have a heart cath.  I was thankful the results of the heart cath were normal but the heart pain and shortness of breath were not going away. 

 I turned to Gwen and she performed the ZYTO scan on me and we determined that I was lacking magnesium and quit a bit of it.  I followed the does she recommended and sure enough the shortness of breath and the heart pain decreased dramatically!  

The ZYTO scan was really amazing at all it detected!  

Take A New Approach was also instrumental in helping me quit smoking…and helped me drop some weight by attending a 6 week weight loss group they had at the center. 

 If you want to expand your options and look into a natural non-invasive way to improve your health, I suggest a little one on one time with Gwen at Take A New Approach!

M. Adkins, Lexington, KY

At 28 years old, I was dragging. My body had never recovered from a difficult pregnancy, postpartum depression and the grief from loosing my father and grandmother in one year.

I had a myriad of symptoms: I was tired, my hair was falling out, and I had strange rashes on my body. I had tried everything–lots of doctors, lots of specialists, injections, medications, counseling–nothing worked. No one addressed my symptoms as a whole, instead trying to treat them one-by-one, as isolated incidences. I was frustrated and demoralized, as each treatment didn’t bring improvement.

When speaking with a friend, she mentioned that she was seeing Gwen Jones at Take A New Approach. That’s what I needed–a new approach.

Meeting with Gwen, she patiently listened to my story and six weeks after our initial meeting, I am a new woman, well on the road to recovery. After starting a regimen of vitamins and supplements, it is hard to remember how bad that I felt.

I wake up every morning alert and rested, ready to take on the new day.

Take A New Approach comes with my highest recommendation.

Katherine, Lexington, KY

Okay. I just have to share my recent experience with my friends. Wednesday I began to feel really really awful, like maybe I was coming down with something again. You know the symptoms: feeling all achy, all kinds of discomfort throughout my body, running, dripping nose, throat on fire, just to talk, unbelievable coughing episodes and just feeling more and more miserable as the day went on. Late Wednesday evening I spoke to my friend, Gwen Jones owner of Take A New Approach Health & Wellness Center, and she suggested I come in to see her in the morning which I did. At this point I was seriously considering an emergency trip to the ER because I felt so awful. I went to my appointment with Gwen the next day, thinking that if this didn’t work I would call my doctor for an appointment. Well, let me tell you that Gwen hooked me up to her nutritional screening device that basically showed her what was going on with the various systems in my body and what nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. my body needed in order for me to feel better. It was like a miracle! Gwen mixed up a concoction for me to drink right then and there in her office. It took about 15-30 minutes and WOW I felt like a new person! Everything cleared up! Even the brain fog cleared! I haven’t felt this good and clear since before the double pneumonia episode! Sure beats going to my MD, having all sorts of tests and blood work done and still not having an answer. Believe me, I do feel this is an opportunity whose time has come! I will be calling Gwen again as the need arises and I believe this is something that everyone (and that means YOU) really should check out. You will be as astounded as I was at the quick amazing results. Thank you so very very much Gwen. I appreciate your services.

Nettie, Lexington, KY