The concept of Reiki was re-discovered by the Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. It is said that through 21 days of fasting, self discipline and prayer, Usui discovered that a person can tap into the universe’s energy through the self, and use that energy to ease out different ailments.

The very word Reiki has an etymology that helps us understand it’s true meaning:“Rei” means “God’s wisdom” and “Ki” means energy of the universe. Ki or also known as “Chi” also refers to feelings of spiritual energy.

Reiki healers acknowledge that every person has a reservoir of spiritual energy. This energy by itself need not be used to heal instead, this energy works as a medium between the physical self and the universe’s energy.

A Reiki healer will ask you to lie down in a comfortable position. Using hand movements and placements that they  are taught by their master teacher, they will transfer their Reiki energy to their patient’s body. This generally lasts 1 hour, depending on how serious the illness is.

During the transfer of Reiki, the patient will feel very relaxed. The body can feel the new supply of energy. The patients’ body is supplied with energy and the tensions of the body will slowly dissolve. After the session has ended, the patient tends to feel vibrant and refreshed.

The process of transferring the ability to use Reiki istransferred from master to student and this process is called attunement. During an attunement, the students usually drift off to an unconscious state and almost transcend to the spiritual realm. Reiki even enables mystical visions in some spiritually sensitive people. 

Many patients if spiritually sensitive will feel similar responses to a Reiki treatment, or will at least feel the release of tension and at the end feel vibrant and refreshed.

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