Occupational therapy is a health profession that focuses on teaching people the skills they need to be independent in their daily activities and lives. The term “occupation” means “activity.” not jobs as many people get this confused.

The profession originally started out in the mental health field and its intent was to help patients engage in meaningful & productive activities so they would feel better about themselves. Since that time, it has evolved into a profession that serves the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of people with all different types of illnesses, injuries and disabilities and in a wide variety of settings.

Occupational therapist work in private practice, hospitals, schools,nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, home health, manufacturing companies and so much more.

An occupational therapist may help teach a person how to get dressed or make a healthy meal after they have experienced a stroke or may help a child learn how to function in school or walk again from an injury. Occupational therapist have great assessment skills whether looking at the environment for ergonomics or safety in the home.  We assess and use adaptive equipment to allow an individual to maintain their independent with a particular task or lifestyle.  We are trained in all of the following areas but some therapist can specialize in just one certain area.  These treatment areas include; hand therapy, orthotic fabrication and fitting, nuero which includes stroke rehabilitation, brain injuries, dementia, Parkinson’s. OT’s work with all populations including pediatrics, adolesance, adult and geriatrics.  OT’s are also prevelant in the field of hippo-therapy, where we use horses as a modality to accomplish a goal such a trunk stability or sensory integration or coordination.

I could really go on and on, but I would never be able to tell you all of the things that an occupational therapist can do. We are problem solvers, if you have a problem see a occupational therapist.

In the state of Kentucky you can be treated by a occupational therapist without the order from  a physician on a cash basis.  if you want your insurance company to pay for the visit then you will need to get an order from your physician to see an OT for treatment.

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