Lotus Oil – Sahasrara

Lotus Oil – Sahasrara


7th – Crown Chakra – Open to Higher Realms

The Crown Chakra is used to communicate through time and dimension. Lotus oil helps one to see clearly, and it influences all other chakras in a positive way and is especially useful in meditation. Use this oil for opening and clearing the Crown Chakra. It helps with spiritual and psychic protection, and for healing karma. This oil helps with communication with ones who live far away, or to communicate with your higher self and other’s higher selves and consciousness. This can be very helpful in resolving issues with others when the usual verbal communication is not working. This oil also helps open us to hear and be received by our spiritual guides and teachers. It allows us to focus and heal past lives, heal karma, and bring forth ancient wisdom that you had hidden for safety for this time. By using this oil in meditation and deep contemplation, we can receive the answers for things which are not clear and balanced in this lifetime.


Lotus’ scent has been used in ancient times to clear and open the Crown Chakra, to take one away from the materialistic world to live on a higher spiritual level, and to be able to communicate from there. Lotus Oil has been used in ancient Egyptian times in temples to lead kings and priests on a high spiritual level, and to receive universal energy to create their own world.

  • Associated Color: Violet
  • Physical Location: Crown of the head
  • Associated Organs: Nervous system, Pituitary and Pineal glands
  • Egyptian Lotus Oil – Crown Chakra – Open to Higher Realms

Regular Price: $33.00 – 1 Dram Vial (.125 ounces)


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