Blue Lotus Absolute

Blue Lotus Absolute


Crown Chakra – used for Mood Elevating, Enchanting and Seductive; natural Aphrodisiac, Ecstasy and Euphoria.

Blue Lotus also known as Blue Egyptian Lotus or the Sacred Blue Lily of the Nile.  The flower is thought to have Godly associations.  It is used at the crown chakra and third eye for Spiritual Connection and aiding on spiritual path. It is known to have psychoactive alkaloid apomorphine and nuciferan as its components.  It has been used to lift the spirit and dispels negative emotions and thoughts. Elevation of Consciousness, Euphoria.  It is also used to Increased Circulation, Increased Sexual Desire, sedative and stress relief.  


The Scent is deep intoxicating rich blue ribbon hints of vanilla.  Blue Lotus is a potent aphrodisiac and synergized well with most essences in product development.  The energy that blue lotus presents are very unique vibrations including playful, sensual essence which opens the heart, third eye and allows inner wisdom to shine.  Blue Lotus aromatic notes and energetic are uniquely calming, unifying, centering and enhances the mood, clears the mind and strengthens connection to source.  It is considered one of the most rare-precious extracts.  It can be used ceremonially as an anointing oil and needs to be used very sparingly.  A single drop can lift an entire bottle of concentrated formula into a new essence.   A small amount goes a long way and should be treasured/respected.  

Blue Lotus Absolute – Euphoria and Spiritual Connection

Price:  $33.00 – 1 Dram (.125 ounces)


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