Gwen Jones OTR/L- FNHP

Gwen Jones OTR/L- FNHP

Gwen Jones OTR/L, FNHP has studied integrative health care for over 3 decades. She has been a student of nature and science for all her life.  Her interest with nutrition began at 5 years of age when she bought a hamster.  She knew at that very early age that that little animal needed vitamins to be as healthy as it could be, so she tried to provide for it.  In her early 20’s she began taking some college courses in nutrition when living in San Diego, CA.

Gwen has enjoyed having and working with dogs and horses from an early age.  She considered pursuing a degree in Veterinarian after losing one of her own horses and had returned to Kentucky to study in the equine field at Midway College.  Gwen was accepted to the pre-vet program at Transylvania University but after doing an internship at Rood & Riddle veterinary hospital she knew that being a veterinary was not going to be for her.  “If I became a vet, I would have had them all in my back yard trying to take care of and heal them all. It was like I could feel the animals’ pain and discomfort and it made me sad.”

Gwen has been able to “relate” or “feel” most animals in this way a good part of her life.  She thought everyone could do this, but soon realized this was not the case.  She remembers It wasn’t so much talking to them like Dr. Doolittle with words but like I knew what they were thinking or how they were processing or understand when they were not feeling well.  She reminisced in her mid-teens of going to the library and getting a book on Discovering ESP with Animals as she was fascinated with this “intuitive” ability that she was sharing at an early age.

As she has moved through her life, she has noticed this skill continues to develop and has incorporated this skill into her “toolkit” as she began practicing in her private office. “I notice with more therapeutic hands-on work with people and animals that this intuition is becoming stronger and second nature to me.”  “I see it now as a “gift” and I have learned to appreciate it more and more as it develops. “Gwen enjoys working intuitively with dogs and horses and has even begun using her Biofeedback with her own dogs and seeing very good results.

Gwen enjoys working in her organic garden, learning new things, staying healthy with eating clean food, meditation, and spending time with her animals. She enjoys hiking, working out and racquetball when she makes the time.  She states she is always striving to find a balance with her work, leisure, and play.