Gwen Jones OTR/L- FNHP

Gwen Jones OTR/L- FNHP

My name is Gwen Jones OTR/L- FNHP – I am a practicing Holistic Occupational Therapist, Functional Nutrition Health Practitioner, Biofeedback/Bio-Resonance Specialist, Massage Therapist, and a Reiki Master. I have certifications in Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Manual Therapy, Hand Therapy, Equine/animal Massage/Therapy, with a Bachelors in Natural Medicine. I am considered an Integrative Holistic Occupational Therapist as well as a Medical Intuitive.

I have provided therapy services in the medical field since 1993. I have mostly been hospital based which includes In-patient & Out-patient Services, ICU, Telemetry, Sub-acute care, Post-surgical, Psychiatric services, Home Health care and I also assisted Nissan car manufacturing plant with their start up clinic for in house therapy services.

Throughout my years of practice, I have noticed that in our healthcare system, we lack looking at the whole body but more in parts. I have also noted that we needed to take a gentler and more natural approach to heal the body. That is when I knew if I wanted change, I needed to make that change and that is when I decided to Take A New Approach.

As I was looking for new tools to add to my “Therapy Tool Kit” for my new practice, I knew I wanted something that would allow me to address the “Whole Body”, that includes the Body, Mind & Spirit… I also knew I wanted to address the Energy or “Bioenergetics” of the body along with the chemistry or Nutritional needs. I was introduced to the ZYTO 5.0 Elite Bio-Communication – which is a “Decision Support Software Program” along with Premier Research Labs Nutritional Products, I knew I had a winning combination.

Take A New Approach Health & Wellness at Zenergy Spa – exclusively offering 21st century Health Care including Biofeedback / Bio-Communication and Bio-Resonance treatment, Scalar Technology, Infrared and Salt Saunas are available, Ionic Foot Detoxing, Therapeutic Body Work, Acupuncture, Cupping and Aspen Laser Therapy to assist in the body to heal.

We ARE the first Therapy Practice in Lexington to integrate a functional, holistic approach along with conventional care to offer a comprehensive individualized treatment plans for each patient using an integrative therapy and functional medical approach to provide A Whole Health Care Model.

We are in Lexington, KY, in “The heart of the Bluegrass” at 465 East High Street near the Woodland triangle about one mile from The University of Kentucky campus.

Call me for your free 30-minute phone consultation, so you can describe your conditions and we can go over options and how I work. I hope you find what you need here!

With Warm Regards,


Thanks again Gwen… I feel SO MUCH BETTER! (I should have started the products ages ago!)
Deb, North Carolina

Gwen has helped me turn my health completely around!!!

Thank you Gwen

Barbara, Lexington, KY

Gwen, you clearly convey a peaceful, loving energy that can aid anyone in their efforts toward improving physical, spiritual, emotional balance!!  Thank you!

Robin , Lexington, KY
Gwen is knowledgeable and professional.  She has been very effective in treating my migraines.
C.D., Lexington, KY


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